Catholic Women’s League


Faith Ministry

Faith is the core value that distinguishes the Catholic Women’s League from other women’s organizations

† Members spiritual growth and renewal is the heart of the League and the essence of its existence

† Councils are encouraged to offer activities that enrich members spiritual growth and promote evangelization in the parish and community



League Prayer

We humbly pray You,

O God our Father, to bless

The Catholic Women’s League of Canada.

Bless our beloved country,

our homes and families.

Send your Holy Spirit upon us

to give light to our minds

and strength to our wills

that we may know and fulfill

your great law of charity.

Teach us to share with others

at home and abroad,

the good things You have given us.

This we ask through our Lord Jesus Christ

and the intercession of our patroness,

Our Lady of Good Counsel.


Catholic and Living It!

Loving Father, open our hearts to your infinite love for all people, and to your presence with us wherever we go in your name.

Lord Jesus, deepen the spiritual life of the Catholic Women’s League.  Strengthen the faith and good works of our members, building-up life in the world by being Catholic and Living It!  May we imitate you with works of mercy, welcoming the forgotten, suffering or vulnerable wherever we encounter them.

Holy Spirit, strengthen us to live our faith, witnessing to life, peace and social justice daily wherever we are in Canada.

Through the intercession of Our Lady of Good Counsel, may we be joyful and responsive to our Christian calling, by truly being Catholic and Living It!

We make this prayer through Jesus our Teacher and Messiah who lives and reigns with the Father and the Holy Spirit forever and ever.


Prayer for Christian Family Life

God, our Father

We are brothers and sisters in Jesus your son,

one family in the Spirit of your love.

Watch over our homes today.

Give to all children the daily bread and love they need.

Help adolescents discover meaning in their lives,

help couples grow in love and fidelity.

Guide all parents in the education of their children.

Fill the hearts of grandparents with peace

and tenderness toward their grandchildren.

Bless us with the joy of love.

Make us patient and kind, gentle and generous,

welcoming to those in need.

Help us to live Your forgiveness and peace.

Increase our faith, strengthen our hope.

Make us always grateful for the gift of life we share.

Help us discover in the Holy Family of Nazareth

a real model of family life in the spirit of the Gospel.


Written by Gloria McLaren and Barbara Quinn

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