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Father Cosmas’ Reflection

Be Prepared to Welcome Christ

Every joyful event we celebrate as individuals or families calls for special planning and preparation. It could be family events like wedding, graduation, thanksgiving or reunions. We do so much work of preparation in making sure that everything turns out well.

In the same way, as we begin the journey of Advent, we are called to enter into a sacred time of planning and preparation. We prepare ourselves to receive the greatest gift ever given. The gift of Jesus Christ our Lord. Prophet Isaiah in today’s First Reading looks to the first Coming of Christ and called on the chosen people of God to prepare themselves for the first coming of the messiah by being focused, vigilant and faithful in waiting for that day to come. St Paul in the Second Reading gives us a clue as to how we prepare. He calls on us to put aside the works of darkness and put on the armor of light. He further calls on us to put on Christ and make no provisions for the flesh to gratify its desires. Making provisions for the things of the Spirit will make us ready to welcome Christ when he comes at Christmas, at the end of our lives and at the end of the age. May you and your families have a blessed season of advent filled with Hope, peace, joy and love.

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